Ethnic Ethics

Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent Eduardo Galeano 1973 Monthly Review Press

“Open Veins of Latin America proved that there were no safe islands in our region, we all shared 500 years of exploitation and colonization, we were all linked by a common fate, we all belonged to the same race of the oppressed.”

The Conquest of America The Question of the Other Tsvetan Todorov 1984 Harper & Rowe Publishers

“The encounter between Old World and New made possible by Columbus’s discovery is of a very special type: war, or rather, in the term of the period, conquest.”

“Dead Might Not Be Dead”: Milton in the Americas and Jamaica Kincaid’s Flat World Ian Bickford Modern Philology, Vol. 111, No. 4 (May 2014), pp. 862-878 The University of Chicago Press

“Diane Simmons details the career-long unfurling in fiction of Jamaica Kincaid’s childhood encounters with Milton’s Paradise Lost, a text against whose authority Kincaid positions herself even while appreciating and then appropriating its metaphorical structures.”