American Mythology

The City of Today for Feminine Urbanism is a masterplan for survival in the form of a dystopian historic fiction where the consumer is a builder of their marginalized, manifest destiny. Proposing intimate solutions for urban scale problems, CTFU (Femilia) renovates capitalism from plumes of demolition clouds. American Mythology is critiqued, and citizenship is performed so that structural violence can be disarmed by our minority body. 

Buildings are logos for culture.  We must understand their narrative impact on our cultural imagination if we are to transform the conditions of their construction. Modern American Supremacy must be deconstructed at a cultural, urban design scale in order to observe the tensions inherent in our nation’s narrative export that we call Globalism.  Transforming in scale from interdependent, mobile communities to the sprawling, isolated suburb in bucolic inter-war America; the building blocks for CTFU are cast by exclusionist propaganda and paved by visual media culture. The consumer narrative begins with a cyclical cast of characters integral to political campaigns ranging from FDR’s WPA to utopian amusement parks.

Catherine Bauer aka “The Houser” was the first female housing secretary in FDR’s cabinet. Her solution to the housing crisis after the great depression develops and manifests the first American suburbs (and their segregated zoning strategy) through the lens of film, eminent domain and prototypical paradise. Her accomplices are Walt Disney, Le Corbusier, Buckminster Fuller, Lewis Mumford and later Robert Moses: along with the pop-culture icons we nostalgically cherish as generational definitions. The dream home is set in the City as the theatre of war for the white American nuclear family. A spatial version of Birth of a Nation, this film crafts an elusive sanctuary prevalent in our current political desires. Their message begins dispatch between the World’s Fair in NYC and Hollywood’s image industrial complex, and reemerges in Celebration Florida as Disneyworld’s segregated community.   

To build a bodily refuge from Capitalism’s brief and bloody refuse, we will demolish and renovate hierarchy by taking up satire and space.



Houser: The Life and Work of Catherine Bauer 2000 Eva Newbrun H. Peter Oberlander 


Tomorrow-Land: The 1964-65 World’s Fair and the Transformation of America 2014 Joseph Tirella

The City Documentary Film 1939 Directed by Ralph Steiner and Willard Van Dyke  written by Lewis Mumford