A Quilt is a Wage: Q2 Stitch n Bitch (Gap$) @ Block Gallery NYC March 2019

Tuesday March 5, 2019 5:00 PM – 8:30 PM @ Block Gallery (Bronx Museum SoHo) 80 White Street 2nd floor New York, NY 10013

Expanding our financial literacy to close pay gaps, and create a protest flag in our intersectional image; we will gather our community of feminists for a Stitch n Bitch at the Bronx Museum’s Block Gallery in SoHo. Tuesday March 5, 2019 5-8:30pm we will collaborate with diaspora leaders in the financial industry. We will build consensus, pin down and stitch up worn out women’s underwear onto stained, Queen sized bed sheets at a cozy craft night. Participants from all genders will make a new Cunt Quilt (the official flag for our Femilia) to be carried at an upcoming protest. We’ll provide experts, snacks and materials while you bring questions about investing your tax return, negotiating a raise, or any other pressing concerns for your community. This event is Free and open to the public. RSVP eventbrite

The quarterly Stitch n Bitch is a way to check in with your neighbors and build consensus across communities. We share questions and experiences with different topics critical to the international women’s movement. Stitching in solidarity with citizens earning a fraction of their economic value, the Q2 2019 Cunt Quilt (Gap$) will be the 10th quilt made by feminists since the 2016 election. According to a recent UN report, the last decade has demonstrated the lowest growth in pay parity globally and domestically. Further investigation into pay disparity reveals a historic and systemic form of economic violence that is simultaneously domestic and structural. Experts from the finance industry will lead a discussion about the history and future of pay while engaging with participant’s current economic challenges. 

Airing the nation’s dirty laundry since the 2016 election, thousands of self-identifying women have donated their used panties to the national Underwear Audit. Hundreds of feminists have sewn several Cunt Quilts and performed their citizenship at dozens of protests to honor the diversity of challenges we face in the fight for our humanity. Ranging from access to reproductive rights, to gender violence, housing vulnerability, LGBTQ visibility, economic inequality, immigration sanctuary, disability rights, racial justice, religious freedom and environmental protection; the spectrum and depth of our civil rights will become visible. Feminism is the acknowledgment that structural injustices exist in our community and that equality is achieved through action.

Cunt Quilt History:
Reacting to the 2016 US election, the artist began a national Underwear Audit to collect worn out women’s underwear to sew onto Queen sized bed sheets at Stitch n Bitch craft salons. The Cunt Quilt dissent flag is born on protester’s backs at marches to demonstrate an intersectional women’s movement. Stitch n Bitch participants celebrate the political heritage of women’s work such as Arpilleras Desaparecidos, Underground Railroad Codes, and Concentration Camp Quilts by creating a banner with their own message. While communicating their needs, the community will stitch an image in a democratic, crowd-sourced fashion. A performance of citizenship in three acts; the Underwear Audit accounts for our bodies, the Stitch n Bitch builds solidarity, and the Cunt Quilt holds our governing bodies accountable. This endurance project will continue until there is a woman in the White House.