Q1 Stitch n Bitch (Traffic) LA January 2019

Stitch n Bitch 6-10pm 1/17/2019 @Textile Factory DTLA
840 Santee St, Los Angeles, CA 90014-2208, United States
Free and open to ALL genders. Snacks and materials provided. Free street parking in front of building after 6pm
text 305-742-7054 or 646-288-5824 or dm @Lambastic for building access

Building momentum and solidarity for the Women’s March in January, we will gather our community of feminists to build solidarity and craft a protest flag in our intersectional image on Thursday 1/17 6-10pm. In collaboration with Tomorrow Girls Troop TGT (international feminist organization) and Journey Out (sex trafficking survival organization); we will build consensus, pin down and stitch up our worn out women’s underwear onto stained, Queen sized bed sheets at a cozy craft night. Participants from all genders will create a new Cunt Quilt (the official flag for our Femilia) to be carried at the Women’s March in LA on 1/19. We will bear the flag on our backs like a superhero cape as a sanctuary space during the Women’s March. Snacks & materials provided. Free and open to the public. All genders welcome.

The quarterly Stitch n Bitch is a way to check in with your neighbors and engage participants from diverse backgrounds to share questions and experiences with different topics critical to the international women’s movement. Stitching in solidarity with victims of human trafficking, the Q1 2019 Cunt Quilt (Traffic) will be the 9th quilt created by feminists since the 2016 election. Human trafficking is a global epidemic whose victims are primarily women, girls and trans individuals. The conversation will be lead by Dr. Stephany Powell, Executive Director of Journey Out: a LA based non profit leading the fight for the freedom and survival of all those whose lives have been destroyed by sex trafficking or commercial sexual exploitation. According to a UN report, 80% of global human trafficking victims are women and girls; predominantly women of color from economically disadvantaged communities. The highest proportion of victims are abducted and transported to heavy consumer economies such as the US and EU for sex slavery. California is a major human trafficking hub with almost half of all US victims originating from Asia and Latin America. Recent crackdowns in LA and SF have only scratched the surface of a global epidemic whose underground market is difficult to quantify, and even more challenging to understand. Further investigation into modern slavery reveals a historic and systemic form of violence that is simultaneously domestic and structural.

Airing the nation’s dirty laundry since the 2016 election, thousands of self-identifying women have donated their used panties to the national Underwear Audit. Hundreds of feminists have sewn 8 Cunt Quilts and performed their citizenship at dozens of protests to honor the diversity of challenges we face in the fight for our humanity. Ranging from access to reproductive rights, to gender violence, housing vulnerability, LGBTQ visibility, economic inequality, immigration sanctuary, disability rights, racial justice, religious freedom and environmental protection; the spectrum and depth of our civil rights will become visible.

​We are concerned that the ​four leaders of the Women’s March, Inc. are supporters of anti-Semitic people and organizations.​ We clearly state that we don’t support anti-Semitism. We will still participate in the Los Angeles Women’s March because ​we think the March has grown into something beyond these particular organizers. It’s one of very few truly public opportunities that feminist immigrant artists, and women of color can relate to in this country and it has been the best opportunity for those women to show visibility.

Cunt Quilt History:
Reacting to the 2016 US election, the artist began a national Underwear Audit to collect worn out women’s underwear to sew onto Queen sized bed sheets at Stitch n Bitch craft salons. The Cunt Quilt dissent flag is then born on protester’s backs at marches to demonstrate an intersectional women’s movement. Stitch n Bitch participants celebrate the political heritage of women’s work such as Arpilleras Desaparecidos, Underground Railroad Codes, and Concentration Camp Quilts by creating a banner with their own message. While communicating their needs, the community will stitch an image in a democratic, crowd-sourced fashion. A performance of citizenship in three acts; the Underwear Audit accounts for our bodies, the Stitch n Bitch builds solidarity, and the Cunt Quilt holds our governing bodies accountable. This endurance project will continue until there is a woman in the White House.

Donate worn-out women’s underwear to:
Coralina Rodriguez Meyer
401 69th St #P103
Miami, FL 33141

Give us your poor, your tired, your worn out panties; yearning to breathe free! No matter the condition, they will be a revelation of the shameful, the sanitized, the washed up, the worn, the probed, the holy, the scarlet, the loosened, the exonerated, the secret and the secreted! #cuntquilt#underwearaudit#cuntcongress @Lambastic

Art is not in the service of pleasure; it’s a public service.
Mujeres Unidas, Jamas Seran Vencidas

Journey Out Los Angeles https://journeyout.org/about/

Journey Out is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit leading the fight for the freedom and survival of all those whose lives have been destroyed by sex trafficking or commercial sexual exploitation. Their mission is to help victims of commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking leave a life of abuse and violence, overcome their fears, and empower them to reach their full potential and achieve their goals. Survival, Hope, Freedom. The three most basic and necessary steps.

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